April 12, 2010

Spring is here ….

Just thought I’d bring you upto date with everything that’s been happening at RAJ HQ.

I’m currently working on the first album with my band ‘Marble Hill’. The lead track,”The Tailor” is already at Youtube & Vimeo. The album is probably about 75% done right now. I actually started working on it at the same time as I started my solo album (“This Is What I Live For”), way back in 2006 !!  So I really, really, want to finish the album in the next few months and release it late Summer.

After that I’ll start work on the follow-up to “This Is What I Live For”. I already have some ideas and I know where I want to go with this album.

I’m listening to lots & lots of great music right now and my credit card is starting to buckle under the strain of all these CD’s (I still buy CD’s because MP3′s sound BAD, BAD, BAD). As I type I’m listening to Villa Lobos’ “Bachianas brasileiras”. Great stuff !  I’ve also just bought every CD by French composer Jean-Philippe Goude that I could find. I really love his stuff and his ensemble are superb musicians. There is a ‘best of’ album just released, called “Pour l’instant” but it leaves out lots of good stuff and is not particularly representative of his various styles I think. There isn’t much on Spotify either.

I’ve also been tracking down every non-Choral piece by Arvo Part that I could find – “Summas” is still my favourite though. Just pre-ordered the new Johann Johannsson album: Fordlandia was stunning. I’m looking forward to seeing him next month in London.

I’ve put together another Spotify playlist (which you can access here) with what I’m listening to now, along with a classic track from the great Ennio Morricone whom I sadly missed when he was playing at the Royal Albert Hall this week :(   Come back soon maestro …..

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Hi Richard,
Thanks for your great album, love it!

But, you know, if you think (like I) that MP3s “sound BAD, BAD, BAD” — why don’t you sell your music someplace online that offers FLAC (boomkat, for instance)? And of all places you could pick, you chose iTunes? THE store with the worst quality? (Well, okay, amazon’s not much better.)



December 25, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Thanks for your comment

My music is on hundreds of sites: not just iTunes. But iTunes is by far the most popular site in the world which is why I mention it on the site. Boomkat only take artists they personally like, so if you’re a customer of Boomkat please recommend me to them :)


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