This is the firewall update email for Centrora Service
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Centrora (Luxur Group PTY LTD)

Suite 1D Level 23,
Governor Phillip Tower,
1 Farrer Place,Sydney NSW,
Australia, 2000

This is a daily audit report for your website.




Please note that your website is not 100% secure. Please review the following items in the dashboard and fix them.
  • [Admin Protection] WARNING: The administrator account 'admin' still exists, please change the username for the administrator user ASAP.
  • [Admin Protection] WARNING: Google 2 Step Authenticator is not used. This is an effective method to avoid brute force attack, we strongly suggest you enable this function. Please follow this tutorial to enable it.
  • [Wordpress Update] WARNING: Your Wordpress is out dated, please update it ASAP. Current version is 3.9.2.
  • [Better Protection] WARNING: Your website may be at risk. Please follow this tutorial to turn on the advance firewall protection.
  • [Better Protection] WARNING: Your firewall rules are out-dated, please update the rules to enhance protection..

Total website blocked since Centrora security is installed: 592

SafeBrowsing Status:
Not checked yet, please access the Dashboard to check if your website is clean.

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